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A neat and clean environment of a retail store or a company is definite proof that showcases its reputation. Green source janitorial, the service provider of retail store cleaning in Palo Alto and San Francisco comprises a team of professional cleaners dedicated to providing excellent retail cleaning through cutting-edge technology and skilled workflow.

Leave the cleaning work to a professional cleaning service that will take as much pride in your retail store as you do. Our retail store cleaners in San Francisco and Palo Alto can look after your facilities in a time responsive schedule. Retail store cleaning projects are completed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We use specialized retail cleaning equipment and apparatus to effectively complete projects as per the required specification.


As a service provider of retail cleaning service in San Francisco and Palo Alto, our services are designed to keep your retail workplace neat and tidy so that you can focus more on your business.

As mentioned earlier, clean retail space makes your customers happy and thrilled to buy from you over and over again. That said, the cleaning job needs to be carried out with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. This is precisely where a cleaning company comes into play. The right one will deliver a perfect job that leaves sparkling results and that of course, is a big part of the plan.

The cleaning of your store goes beyond delighting your customers, of course, clean floors and surfaces capture their attention, and that is huge. But you should also know that a clean retail environment will keep illnesses at bay, and that’s a great way to boost employee commitment and productivity.

There is no doubt that cleaning the store all by yourself will cut costs and that is fine. But, there’s a good chance of been occupied with a thing or two thus making it impossible to carry out a perfect job. What is more, delegating cleaning duties to your staff will only get them worked up and less motivated to carry out their duties.

The quality of air that flows around your store plays a vital role in so many things. One it makes the shopping experience for customers more pleasing. Customers have ample time to shop and even pick things they did not plan on taking. This, in turn, leads to increased profits, allowing you to grow and expand. This is mainly achieved by having a clean store.

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