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To maintain a professional atmosphere, everyone knows your workplace represents your company and its goodwill which is why you should hire a quality janitorial service.

As a janitorial service in Palo Alto and San Francisco, our ultimate goal is to make your premises a crystal clear environment, without need for corrections or rework. We are a leading janitorial service provider determined to provide quality services and increase our benchmark with the increasing number of happy customers.

Benefits of Janitorial services
  • It is hard to screw up mortgage interest or electricity, but janitorial services are a huge expense that is inevitable and it is hard to find a company that is reliable and trustworthy for handling your cleaning needs. You should get confidence from the company you hire, not anxiety.
  • Not only are most cleaning solutions harmful to the environment, but many also carry an electric charge that attracts dust. A quality janitorial service use cleaners that are safe for you and the environment, while repelling dust.
  • Get rid of germs & bacteria. These invisible organisms cause sickness wherever they might be found. Reducing sick days is better for your employees, and better off for your office too. The professionals will know the best ways to clean and sanitize your office environment and all of its assets. Not only will the office be clean, but it’ll also be free of germs too.
  • Green Source is a janitorial service in San Francisco and Palo Alto is targeted on delivering high quality and consistent cleaning services to a variety of businesses. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and our expert cleaning team is trained to do the job perfectly with good standards.


Green Source janitorial service in Palo Alto and San Francisco, with its reputation, built by its long list of satisfied customers, leaves no room for error in providing janitorial service. Our trained professionals are thorough in the cleaning process and take great effort for the simplest tasks too.

As janitorial services comprise of a variety of compact tasks, each task is handled with the utmost care, such as vacuuming the carpets, mopping the floors, cleaning the windows, etc., to ensure the entire space is spotless and sparkling.

We provide janitorial cleaning services for all types of establishments, no matter how difficult it is to work on. Since our motto is to provide a healthy environment for everyone, with our commercial cleaning service, your business or workplace will always prosper with healthy employees and happy customers.

Being a topmost janitorial service in San Francisco and Palo Alto, we have an experienced team with quality tools that make cleaning services affordable for companies of all sizes. The uniqueness of GreenSource is that our customers have complete control of the services we provide.


We provide a complete range of janitorial services including building cleaning, day porter cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, Facility care cleaning, specialty cleaning, and virus sanitizing, etc.

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