construction cleaning


A construction area is undoubtedly dangerous for the workers and people who are amidst the working environment. Conducting a safe construction cleanup is an important factor for any business to avoid injuries and mishaps that could end up in disastrous results.

Green source is the leading service provider for construction site cleanup in California has helped many construction businesses in its years of experience and assisted them in maintaining their construction sites clean and tidy at all times. We not only kept their construction sites clean but also improved the safety of the worksite as we made sure that the premises will be sparkling clean after the construction process is completed.

Also, we ensure that all the cleaning expectations are met by consulting with them during the cleaning process and we gained an understanding of the exact specifications and executed the work to accomplish.

Green source construction cleaning in Palo Alto and San Francisco has a team of highly-trained and skilled employees that specialize in construction cleaning for building industries. At our construction cleaning service in San Francisco and Palo Alto, we understand the importance of safety. Our cleaning experts strictly follow the quality standards and Occupational Health and Safety is held as paramount importance. We ensure that all work is conducted carefully and is within legislative and compliance requirements.


By entrusting the cleaning work to trustworthy cleaning services like Green source janitorial, you can be sure that the property is thoroughly cleaned and free from all the debris. You can be relaxed from your work so that our trained cleaning staff can do the job.

Generally in a factory, some of the debris and materials left behind can be sharp and pose a serious safety concern for you or your employees. Our cleaning professionals have the knowledge and experience to get it done efficiently and safely. Not just that, but also we will be sure to clean up the factory site with no damage done to the new workplace.

Disposing of waste materials from a factory premise isn’t as easy you may think. One is not able to just toss the junk into any given trash can. There are rules and regulations in place to prevent this and without the proper knowledge of local regulations, you’re likely to get in trouble with the law and receive a hefty fine for dumping.

Instead of spending the time looking for the right cleaning products and materials, finding employees to do the job, and not be guaranteed that the clean-up will be done efficiently and effectively, spend that time continuing to do your actual job. Green source construction cleaning services promise a detailed and complete cleaning done promptly to let you continue with your work.


At Green source janitorial, we provide construction cleaning services across San Francisco and Palo Alto. Our cleaning staff have extensive experience in cleaning and will deliver our construction cleaning service to various industries, worksites, and buildings, etc. A construction or renovation work is a messy business, so such a place is cleaned with care by our cleaning staff. Construction cleaning is important to ensure that a worksite or construction premise is properly cleaned and ready for its next stage.

A complete construction cleaning is essential for:

  • The health and safety of those using the building or construction site
  • The builder satisfies all contractual obligations
  • The safe removal and disposal of materials from the worksite to ensure safety.

Our construction cleaning service in Palo Alto and San Francisco includes:

  • High-pressure cleaning and Window cleaning
  • Removal of excess paint, plaster, and cement from surfaces
  • Removal and disposal of dust, rubbish, and rubble
  • Dusting and polishing of all surfaces
  • Facilities and amenities cleaning
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Other commercial cleaning services
  • Dusting walls, Hand wash all doors
  • Vacuum entire house thoroughly to pick up debris and dust
  • Wipe down all reachable lights
  • Remove all tape and tape residue

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