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At Green source janitorial green cleaning in San Francisco and Palo Alto, we put your health, safety, and the environment at the top of our priorities. Through years of trial and error, we have developed our proprietary formula of castile soap. By using only natural, green cleaning products, we’re ensuring the clean you need without risks associated with industrial cleaners.

Our service of green cleaning in San Francisco and Palo Alto holds the Green Clean Institute Certification for ownership, management, and employees, requiring annual inspection and recertification.

We view ourselves as partners with our customers and our environment. We are devoted to providing quality green cleaning services that keep toxins out of the air, water, and soil to meet a growing environmental need. We have deviated from the pack in our decision to offer a service appropriate for our environment and our future.


Our customers are a testament to our commitment to quality work and environmental responsibility. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to back up our service, you can rest assured knowing you get the best every time.

As a leading service provider of green cleaning in Palo Alto and San Francisco, our mission focuses on natural, eco-friendly maid services. We don’t just wash, our commitment to cleaning with environmentally-friendly methods is as high as our service standards.

Our green cleaning products are made from 100% natural ingredients derived from plants or minerals and enhanced with organic essential oils for effective yet green cleaning power. Zero toxins, chemical residues, or offensive odors allow for cleaner, healthier homes, and a greener environment.

Our green cleaning services will leave your home spotless without using any harmful chemical products. Being a topmost service provider of green cleaning in San Francisco and Palo Alto we provide a combination of innovative new techniques, time-honored tradition, and some elbow grease!

Along with our extensive industry experience, environmentally preferred green products, up to date provided equipment, we also offer convenient and affordable payment options. We supply everything from the cleaning products to the vacuums, towels, and brushes. Our mission is to ensure quality service through our unique cleaning process, and our attention to detail and green practices.

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