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Since all floors are needed to be scrubbed, waxed, and mopped regularly, Green source janitorial the best floor cleaner in San Francisco offers their expertise in handling cleaning products and technologies that modern businesses need to keep floors sparkling clean. Leave it to Green Source floor cleaning in Palo Alto and San Francisco to restore your carpet, wood, stone, marble, and tile flooring to its original condition.

Green source janitorial provides the best floor cleaning service in Palo Alto and San Francisco and maintenance programs to a diverse range of clients. All floors need to be regularly mopped, scrubbed, waxed, polished, buffed, and refinished dependent on traffic and use.


Hard surface floors are tough and durable but they can still be damaged. This could happen if the floors are scrubbed vigorously or if wrong detergents are used on it. When you choose to clean your hard surface floors, chances are very high that you might use the wrong supplies and end up damaging your floors.

Many people think that cleaning hard surface floors is easy and it is a waste of time and money to hire a professional cleaner. It is true you can clean your hard surface floors by yourself and the results will be satisfactory, but they cannot be as clean as when they are done by a professional cleaner.

Floor cleaning service is highly recommended frequently for hygienic purposes as well as a proper business image. A quality floor cleaning service will be customized to meet your project specifications.

Generally, the staff of a professional floor cleaning service are fully trained in the latest technology of floor care and use Green cleaning products.


With our years of experience in this industry, we have learned various tricks and tips on cleaning floors and carpets to ensure the cleaning tasks are completed with care. Our professional cleaners are experienced to handle all floor types, so even the toughest stains and dirt are removed to transform it into clean floors.

Proper maintenance of the floor is necessary for any place irrespective of its platform. Since dirt and grime can make the floor dull and unpleasant for your visitors, it must be handled with care. Green source floor cleaning service in San Francisco and Palo Alto ensures the removal of all wax and dirt from the floor and even removes scratches and minor damages.

Our floor cleaning service in Palo Alto comprises experienced cleaners who can clean every square inch of your floor with the help of advanced equipment and the latest technology. As a floor cleaning service with a reputed experience in the industry, our services are designed to keep your workplace neat and tidy so that you can focus more on your business.


As a leading floor scrubbers in San Francisco and Palo Alto, our services cover a wide range of different flooring types, including the different styles of cleaning hard floors and carpeting. As a trustworthy service for floor cleaning requirements, we are always inventive and work to ensure achieving the desired results.

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