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Generally, the employees in a clean and tidy office work more efficiently than they would in an unclean office environment. Also, the potential clients who visit a clean office leave will have a favorable impression of the place which will make a big impact on the company’s reputation. So, when an office is hiring a quality cleaning service, it means it is taking a positive step toward maintaining a professional-looking office environment.

As a leading office cleaning service in Palo Alto and San Francisco, Green Source Janitorial is specialized in providing effective cleaning service with its many years of experience. We provide office cleaning service to a diverse range of clients all over Palo Alto and San Francisco with a trustworthy and dependable team that understands the importance of cleanliness in an office environment.


  • First impressions are always the best, why is why it is incredibly important to make sure that your office building is dirt-free. In a business, for the new customers and clients, while entering the premises for the first time, they need only just 30 seconds to build an impression, that’s why cleanliness counts.
  • Inside the workplace, cleanliness is a huge motivator in terms of productivity. Generally in a busy office, desks and other furniture may need to be often rearranged, this process leaves dirt and marks which is unpleasant to clients and employees.
  • Green Source office cleaning services in San Francisco are very keen on their cleaning process and pay attention to even the tiniest details.
  • Our office cleaning service in San Francisco and Palo Alto encompasses various cleaning tasks, including vacuuming the carpet, washing the interior of office windows, and cleaning door glass, etc. Besides, we pay more attention to cleaning dust in office furniture, emptying the garbage bins, cleaning the lunchrooms, etc.


The motive of our office cleaning service in Palo Alto and San Francisco is to enhance a business’s reputation as well as create a healthy proactive work environment for our clients.

Green Source office cleaning service in San Francisco and Palo Alto ensures your facilities are immaculately clean, targets areas of your facility that require special attention, including the more uncommon areas and fixtures that require deep cleaning.

Our office cleaning service in Palo Alto and San Francisco is one of the most experienced cleaning service providers, with a professionally trained team, qualified cleaning equipment, and an unshaken reputation in the cleaning industry.

Having a clean office is not only an important factor that boosts a good first impression from its clients and employees but is also plays a huge role in ensuring the production of a business. Happy customers lead to positive results. A clean office building allows its employees to concentrate more on work, rather than worry about their environment.


Green Source office cleaning service is recognized as a leading provider of office cleaning service is because we use only the most skilled team and our cleaning products are of the utmost quality.

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