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Workplace with Medical-Grade Disinfection

When taking a sick day or working from home is not an option, the next best thing employers can do to protect employee health from Coronavirus is to provide a clean, germ-free working environment through disinfecting measures. And while there’s no vaccine for Coronavirus, there is a commercial cleaning solution ...
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Extend Your Protection: EnviroShield Endure

Green Source has been trusted as an industry leader in the commercial cleaning franchise system for over 25 years. Our disinfecting processes follow a proven program that uses the broadest spectrum, hospital-strength disinfectants with maximum killing power. To this day, our proprietary EnviroShield® spray remains the only machine system of ...
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Safeguard your space with Green Source EnviroShield

While nightly cleaning is a vital step before re-opening your doors any given day, it does not provide floor-to-ceiling disinfection. However,one call to your local Green Source cleaning franchisee can get rid of bacteria and viruses on every exposed surface in your building. How? Through our proprietary EnviroShield® disinfecting system, ...
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