day porter cleaning



Day porter services are typically performed during busy times. Porters deftly work in and around the public, monitoring both cleanliness and safety. Not only must day porters understand the specifics of their duties, but they must also be experts in customer service. After all, customers and members of the public won’t necessarily understand that the porter is a contract employee.

Green Source janitorial takes a special interest in day porter services since it is a complicated method of cleaning which has to be performed while the business is live. Our day porter service in Palo Alto and San Francisco has a portfolio of successful cleaning campaigns and satisfied clients. Our day porters in Green Source janitorial are friendly, helpful and will be trained in the specifics of your event or business. They’ll be able to answer common questions, give directions, and generally provide customer service functions.


  • The most obvious benefit of hiring a day porter is the fact they can help to keep your facility neat and clean at all times.
  • The appearance of your facility matters a great deal to everyone who steps inside. Even if you don’t have clients who are coming in and out of your facility regularly, you still ought to prioritize cleanliness.
  • Cleanliness isn’t just about making things look nice. Sure, it’s nice when your floors are clean and there’s no dust on the tables. However, in addition to making your facility look as appealing as possible, a day porter service can help you keep your facility safe.
  • Day porters will clean up spills to keep your employees from slipping and falling. They can also take care of issues like dust buildup that could affect the air quality of your facility.
  • A quality day porter service can also improve productivity by reducing the need for you or other employees to handle cleaning and meeting set up on top of all your other responsibilities. By outsourcing this job to someone else, you all will be freed up to focus on the aspects of your job that matter most.


Green Source janitorial as a service provider of day porter service in San Francisco and Palo Alto we take responsibility in making sure your work area looks clean and presentable at all times. Our experienced staff is known for their integrity and impeccability in ensuring the work is done with care.

All of our employees are licensed, bonded, and carefully screened. Our porters will be thoroughly trained for your business. As much as possible, we’ll keep the same team of porters at your location so they’ll be able to build up specific expertise over time.

As a day porter service in Palo Alto and San Francisco, we perform the work typically as it has to be performed during the live hours of the business. We just not stop with cleaning the major area, rather we take a special interest in tasks like lobby management, trash removal, spill clean-up, general maintenance, etc.


  • Cleaning window mullions and trash enclosures
  • Collecting trash from hardscape and landscape areas
  • Cleaning restrooms and sidewalks
  • Removing spills and stains from a variety of surfaces
  • Thoroughly cleaning conference rooms, lounge areas, and public spaces
  • Make note of needed repairs
  • Providing 24/7 response to emergencies


Green Source janitorial is one of the topmost service providers of day porter service in San Francisco and Palo Alto. We keep your buildings and working areas neat and tidy at all times by our professional cleaning services.

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