Safeguard your space with Green Source EnviroShield

While nightly cleaning is a vital step before re-opening your doors any given day, it does not provide floor-to-ceiling disinfection. However,one call to your local Green Source cleaning franchisee can get rid of bacteria and viruses on every exposed surface in your building. How? Through our proprietary EnviroShield® disinfecting system, which can properly disinfect an entire building.

Green Source’s EnviroShield® system works by wrapping around surfaces to eliminate germs in traditionally hard-to-reach areas. Our equipment features nozzles designed for specific applications, especially high-risk areas like door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, and similar high-touch locations.

The commercial disinfectants used in our EnviroShield® system offer medical-grade disinfection to quickly eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including salmonella, E. coli, the cold, the flu, and disinfectant-resistant pathogens like MRSA. What’s more, these disinfectants are listed on the EPA’s List N for use on emerging pathogens like Coronavirus. And even though they’re tough on germs, the disinfectants used in Green Source’s EnviroShield® system carry the EPA’s highest grade for safety and non-toxicity. They generate no harmful residues, no toxic byproducts, and no harsh or irritating fumes – so they’re gentle on people and the environment.